About the Brand

Founded in April 2013 by Enoch ho, Berayah is a contemporary fashion label. A transliteration of the Hebraic word “Beraiah”, meaning “God has created”, Berayah collections seek to combine conceptual storytelling and wearable minimalism, creating garments that are not only uniquely flattering, but also carries timeless style and a tale.

Stemming from the minimalist womenswear collection is a line of uniquely shaped tote bags, designed for the discerned urbanite. Each tote is created with ergonomics in mind, and its geometric silhouettes makes each piece a statement piece.  

Designer Bio

Designer Enoch Ho is a Hong Kong native, graduate of University of Washington and Parsons School of Design. After working with brands such as TSE, Catherine Deane and Blanc de Chine, Enoch started Berayah in 2013.

Enoch’s minimalistic style carries through to his attention in proportions, details and ergonomics. His designs are filled with numerous carefully considered decisions, whether it is well-proportioned seam placements in dressmaking, or finding the precise angles and lengths in tote bags, the results are well-executed, elegant and measured products.