Free Alterations

We want you to be perfectly happy with your Berayah purchase, and to ease your fear that purchasing clothes online may not fit perfectly, we have partnered up with alteration experts at Dorothy Alterations to offer you alterations on your purchased Berayah garment, completely free of charge.  Simply take your Berayah garment to the following address:

Room C 3/f, Hong Kong House, 17-19 Wellngton Street, Central. (TEL:25211180 96832077)

You will be fitted in your garment to your liking, and alterations will be made by Dorothy and her team. Please kindly note that all altered garments cannot be returned.

Note: When altering a garment, making something smaller is always easier than making it bigger, so if you're hesitant between 2 sizes, go for the bigger one! 

For further inqueries, please contact us at