f/w.14 collection - pilgrimage of a poet

This has been a long time coming, but I'm proud to announce the launch of the 2nd collection - "pilgrimage of a poet".  The lookbook can now be found under the "collections" section of the website, or simply click here.

For the 2nd collection, I really wanted to go deeper, into exploring not just part-by-part Biblical story, but rather the journey that one goes through.  It is modelled after King David's journey that precedes and follows Psalm 51, and it is a journey that most people would tread through in some relative degree through their life.  So I split the collection into 3 Acts, and I'll briefly explain what each Act entails.

Act 1 talks about when we are in our youth, we act in a way that the world teaches us how to, thus putting forth a strong front, a prim and proper, well put-together exterior, almost like an armour.  We want to appear like we have it all together, flawless.  David in the times preceding Psalm 51, committed adultery with Bathsheba, his soldier Uriah's wife.  As a result, Bathsheba became pregnant and as an attempt to cover up his crime, David killed Uriah.  Like us in our youthful ways, we will cover our insecurities with a false exterior.

However, as life happens, we will enter into Act 2, when the tensions of life causes us to finally ask the tougher questions, and look into who we really are.  These times are like storms, confusing and often destructive, painfully tearing down false foundations and leaving us in a rubble.  The Prophet Nathan rebuked David of his actions, and the subsequent death of his and Bathsheba's child led David into a valley of darkness, a place of painful reflection.

Act 3 is the place after the storm, where whatever is shakeable has shaken off, and whatever is unshakable remains.  We now have a much clearer picture of who we are, and more importantly finding out what our true foundations are.  Upon the ruins, we rebuild our strengths based on our unshakeable foundations, and this strength in contrast with that of Act1, is rooted and assured.  Much like David, rising from the pits of despair and offering again His worship to God.

This collection came from a very deep place, and is very personal.  I hope by briefly explaining each Act, you're able to walk through this journey with me.  Ultimately, I hope that my art serves as a time and space for reflection for you, and by walking through this journey, you too are able to rise up from your ruins, and build something beautiful.

Enoch HoComment